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December 8, 2011
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Character Design: Bowmen by DanilLovesFood Character Design: Bowmen by DanilLovesFood
Just a little something personal I worked on from time to time.


Aniko Bruzanizi 12 years old.

Postman boy who lives on an remote island.

The island is inhabited with around 200 people. Once there was a war between many tribes, so all the smart folks that didn't want to get involved fled for refuge on this island of solitude. There were many different tribes on the island and there was tension at the start. All of the tribes on it, wanted to claim it as their island without other tribes.

Though after the war there were many bandits and deserters that wished to plunder. So these remnants of the many tribes had to merged their adequate knowledge, magic and skills to defend their island. They became close to one another by these events.

There was iron ore and even greater ore's to find within the deep caves. They crafted weapons and armor, trained powerful warriors, sorcerers and bowmen to repel these raiders and pirates.

Even though the island became stronger, they kept to their customs and didn't trouble anyone else with their power. There wasn't even trade nor gold involved on the island, everyone took care of each other and lived by hunting on creatures at land and water.

The island has a strange attraction to a large diversity of flying critters. It is know by the locals that these flying critters come to the island every warm season to breed.

Aniko has to run over the island to deliver letters. Its a romantic island as well. People here over the two decades have made their own language. Only these critters are aggressive, Aniko had so much practice of marksmanship on these creatures everyday, he is one of the best bowmen on the island. Even better then the island's official bowmen guards. He has a bow made of very strong ore made by the best blacksmith. A bow fit for a warrior prince.

But Aniko is just a nice postman who's having fun.


Vakador Thal 26 years old.

Bowman/warrior who serves the a kingdom in a very cold region. In his stationary time at posts and holds he hunts on strong animals/creatures that put up a fight.

He wishes to earn some money and experience by serving. He fought quite some battles, he is a bowman who still relies on warrior classes to assist him to keep the enemy at bay. After he is strong enough he wishes to form his own pack of warriors to do good in this collapsed world.


Elaliya Itanili 18 years old.

A young rogue elf. There is still a kingdom of the elves, but they are bankrupt and falling apart. You seen elves flee from their capital city to other places. A once proud and elegant kingdom is now seen in tribal slums and urban ghetto. Elaliya gets by even if she has to do dishonest earnings like stealing and killing. She is young and doesn't see there are better ways to get by. By many requests of assassination work and adventuring she has become a very independent girl.


Gragaromeus Thomanolk 72 years old.

A powerful and old man, whom once was a king, now roams the wastelands and harsh planes. He seeks to find an honorable death. He also seeks immortality as an option and hopes to find it after his constant adventuring and living through the hardest parts of this world. Becoming strong as a one man, without depending on others.


Unchaliri Thahilirr 90 years old.

An Antheluvian Royal Guard. This kingdom was long forgotten by all newborn men and women on the surface. It's knowledge and settlements were destroyed on the surface. The kingdom still remained deep underground, a whole capital which kept advancing and growing. They had their own wars underground to fight.

The Antheluvians are an ancient race whom can live for a few millenniums. Because of the solitude underground they remained within a perfect bloodline without other mortal impurities. But there were many sacrifices in many wars underground against powerful creatures. The old and powerful died so the young could live on in peace.

Unchaliri Thahilirr fought a few wars alongside with the elders, hunted vile beasts and monsters in the most deepest reaches underground. Wars whom no man knew about. He is extremely fast and skilled with the bow, when he fires an arrow it could go clean through 10 heavily armored troops. Though he never fought against men before, his equipment is made to kill large armored monsters. Also he is a powerful sorcerer, he can heal others and cast a protection orb around him so no one can physically reach him for a decent period of time. He can fire arrows from out the guard orb, also masters destruction magic and likes to use force push away his enemies and reign them with his large arrows.

Now a time of peace, he wishes to embark on an exploration to the surface with a few of his friends. An exciting moment to behold, they have never seen beauty of the sunlight before.

Painted in Photoshop cs3
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wonderful and fun character concepts. I would love to see them in a book or a game.
I really like your texture, so swirly and fun, and you were able to drew the characters so I can see their personality coming threw the picture.
I like the story concept sounds fun and creative :D
DanilLovesFood Mar 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
^^ thank you so much for checking these out, i really like making these kind of characters when I have free time :3
cwp1999 Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
this made me laugh and smile!
DanilLovesFood Mar 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Ragnarok6664 Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Excellent :clap:
particularly like the last one!:-)
DanilLovesFood Sep 23, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
They're so beatiful! Wow!
DanilLovesFood Sep 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Glad ya like em!
all those different patterns. They look natural which is pretty inspiring.
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