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September 12, 2011
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Bogatyrs by DanilLovesFood Bogatyrs by DanilLovesFood
Internship work.

I did an illustration about the heroic heroes that show up in russian folklore stories and epic poems.

But I didn't intend to do traditional armors from that time, just kept this within my own liberty. Perhaps I'll do some character designs of the old armors someday.(Vikings,Varangians or Huscarls)

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They are just generic fantasy warriors, fighters or whatever. There is nothing in particular to call them Bogatyrs. You could as well call them Samurais or Knights.
thandav Sep 18, 2011  Professional General Artist
I love your background, which seems to be really inspired from Victor Hugo's paintings (or the whole impressionism movement).
Nicely done ;)
DanilLovesFood Sep 19, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Oh, I didnt know about him before, thanks for mentioning him!
they're great ))
but without description i would not say that they are bogatyrs, 'couse their equipment is totaly different from original and from what they were
bogatyrs were much bigger and stronger, they had outstanding physical and spiritual power, but this three looks just like common variors //
DanilLovesFood Sep 13, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I was able to have my own libery over how the warriors looked. I didn't intend to make them look exactly like they looked in the oldtimes in Russia. I found it amusing giving them whatever armor I liked to draw. But they are big and strong : p its just from a perspective from where they look small and puny. I like to do that in my works, drawing small people or creatures to show how big the world really is around them. Scale.
I really like your works, allmost all of them. And this one is good to. But still from how thouse three looks - from their outfit - i can tell that two of them are somewhere from Rom and that one between them... i just don't know where did he came from whith such armor. Have you read tales about Ilya Muromets or another bogatyrs? They are pretty famous in my country. But if i show someone this picture i bet no one will guess that this three are bogatyrs. That what i'm talking about - as wariors - they are good, but as bogatyrs - they lose. And where is their beard? Each of them have one.
You may change their outfit, size and content, but it's like you took superman and changed his looks, proportions and suit. Will that character recognized as superman? )
DanilLovesFood Sep 15, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I get what you're saying, They would indeed need beards. Sorta like Huscarls or Viking Warriors. Do you recommend I should change the title to something else, I sense this is a misleading content now.
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